Bringing People Together Through Shared Experiences

The Ultimate Tool for Groups to Organize and Communicate

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We Live our Lives in Groups

Experium helps you keep them organized and connected!

  • We form Families, Friends, Teams, Clubs, Classes, Organizations and on…
  • We travel, dine, read, share, compete, learn, grow and more in them
  • With Experium, never miss important details or lose cherished memories again
  • Managing it all with Experium is a snap!

For your Group Activities.

Experium is your group organization "super app."

  • Simple: Scheduling activities across groups and their experiences is easy
  • Private: Dynamic user privacy options allow activities to be private or shareable
  • Responsive: Flexible attendance tracking lets you easily see who is going and who hasn’t yet responded
  • Memorable: Digital memories remain yours, even after you leave your groups
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For Group Communication.

Experium is group social redefined!

  • Communication that’s built around your activities and experiences
  • Social Sharing or Chat
  • Where privacy is respected
  • Censorship is forbidden
  • Positivity is fundamental
  • Your data is yours

For Group Experiences.

Building memories...one experience at a time!

Organize. Personalize. Collaborate. Enjoy. Remember.

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Your Experience Timeline.

Building your personal memory lane!

Experium is the place to organize, share, and remember all your experiences.

No more need for multiple apps. No more lost details. No more scattered memories. 

All your experiences. All the details. In one place!

Easy Group Management!

Experium is designed for flexibility!

  • Customizable Roles
  • Group Experience Management
  • Multi-level Privacy Settings
  • Shared Admin Features
  • Monetization Features

All your Groups. In One App.

With Experium, manage all your group activities. Everything from simple every-day, such a meeting or game, to more complex experiences like group travel. 

Organize, share, and remember it all with Experium!

 Calendar, Albums, Videos, Chat, Social Sharing

All the Features you Need.

Activities, Experiences, Calendars, Chat, Social, Photos and Videos


The “who, what, where, and when” of group experience management. All the important pieces organized and contextual in a single, customizable framework.


 Group calendars, experience calendars, individual business calendars, all rolled up into a single master personal calendar. All in a single application. Only in Experium!


Gone are the days of folders upon folders of photos and video with no context. Whether business, group, experience or personalized private folders, Experium adds valuable context to all your media so you never forget any precious detail.

Social Posts

No likes. No envy. No data mining. Experium is sharing with a conscience. Purposeful sharing. Built for those that want to share but don’t want the negativity.


How many chat solutions can keep your communications contextual to your groups, your experiences, your important businesses or your personal 1:1 connections? Only one…Experium!


Connect with businesses that add value to your group life. Ones that you buy services from. Don’t waste time filtering messages and offers that you don’t want to receive.

The Official Group App of the New 5D World!

Where connectedness is universal

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We don’t sell your data, so we have to charge for our advanced features. 

We hope you enjoy Experium enough to upgrade to the Pro version.


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An engagement platform designed to support groups of people. Experium Enterprise™ is brand-centric B2G™ engagement inside a broad-use organization and communication “super app” for consumers.

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