What is an Experience?

They are all the memorable things you do in life. For example, taking a trip or buying a home or car.

Until now, they have been difficult to manage across a variety of applications: photos, calendars, email, social media, digital scrap books, etc.

What if you could have it all in one place? .

Welcome to Experium.


Experiences can be as simple as going to a restaurant around the corner, or more complex like buying a house or planning a destination wedding.

With Experium there’s no more jumping from app to app. Experium makes it easy to manage it all in one place.

It is the ultimate tool to invite, organize, communicate, share and remember it all.


  • Chat and Social Posts allow members to contribute to each group or experience
  • Multiple Admins let’s you share the work involved in larger events or experiences
  • Track costs and share with other members
  • Use polls to gather feedback and input


Photos, Attachments, Calendar Events, Costs, Video links are easily shared with others – all in the context of Experiences, Groups, or Person to Person.

It is the simple way to share everyone’s photos in one central spot.


Years of reservations, reviews, chats, endless folders of photos and receipts… all scattered across multiple apps.

Never forget a single, wonderful detail of that great Paris vacation or your hiking group’s latest adventures. 

Experium captures the emotion of the experience and preserves it forever

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